Hair Styling


Service ListRate
Hair Cut$20.00
Hair Cut, Shampoo and Blow Dry$40.00
Hair Cut, Shampoo and Style$50.00
Children's Cut$15.00
Children's Cut, Shampoo and Style$25.00+
Shampoo and Style$35.00+
Up Do's$55.00

Chemical Services

Service ListRate
Virgin Relaxer$65.00+ (Depending on length of hair)
Retouch Relaxer$50.00
Sensitive Scalp Relaxer$55.00
Perms $60.00+ (Depending on the length of the hair)

Weaves and Wigs

Service ListRate
Full Head Sew in Weave$100+
Per Track $5.00(glue)
$10.00(Sew in)
Net Weave$125.00
Braid Take Down$15.00 (depending on what type of braids)
Customizable Wig$200(With out Hair)
$125(With Hair)


Service ListRate
Deep Conditioning Treatment$10.00

Color Services

Service ListRate
Basic Color$50.00(Short)
Color and Basic Style$55.00
Full Head Hi Lites$70.00
Partial Hi Lites$70.00
Conditioning Color Rinse$20.00
Vibrant Color Rinse$35.00

Natural Hair

Service ListRate
Beginner Dreads (Loc)$60.00
Dreads (Loc) Tightening$40.00
Dreads (Loc) Minding$5.00 per loc
Cornrows$45 (if hair is added and up)
Cornrows with own hair$35.00
Two-Strand Twist$100.00


Service ListRate
Roller Wraps$45.00
Finger Waves$35.00
Roller Set$40.00
Press and Curl$45.00